• Work with Homeowners to Create a Solution for their Real Estate Challenges
  • Help People in Financial Distress who have problem properties they want to sell, even if there is no equity
  • Work with Realtors, Sellers, Buyers and Lien Holders to develop an equitable outcome to outstanding balances
  • Present the Lender’s final offer and decide with the Homeowner the best course of action to meet their objective

Urban Endeavors, LLC is a respected and privately held real estate company in the Charlotte are specializing in finding creative solutions to seemingly impossible situations.  Our mission is to  approach each situation creatively, but with integrity, and to help people dealing with some of life’s most dynamic issues.

With so much misinformation out there, we provide the right knowledge and resources to those facing some of life’s many challenges; foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, illness or difficult inheritance.  Our area of expertise is in helping Homeowners understand and navigate the confusing world of foreclosure.  We work personally and directly with Homeowners and Realtors to find the right solution.  We try to help the Homeowner get a new start at no cost.

We work directly with the lenders and the lien holders to come up with an equitable resolution to the outstanding balances, greeing the Owner from the property without any associated debts or long-term damage to their credit report.  We handle all of the paperwork and keep the Homeowners and/or the Realtors informed of the progress.

Once this time consuming, often frustrating negotiation with the lending institutions has concluded, we present the resolution to the Homeowner and help them decide the best course of action to meet their objectives.

If you or someone you know is facing a real estate related problem, we can help.  Call us today to find out how.

Daniel L. Tedrick, Esq.

Chief Executive Manager & General Counsel